May 21

Catching Up on Food


I apologize for being such a lazybutt for the last month or so and not blogging all these restaurants I’ve been to. You know how life catches up to you sometimes, and you get caught in the whirlwind of it all. I have been keeping busy with my photography hobby so I’ve kind of put food blogging on hold for a little while. That doesn’t mean I’m retiring! Oh no! Food is still my passion. :D

I’ve compiled a few photos of the most recent restaurants I’ve eaten and a quickie summary of reviews :)



So, here’s where I went and what I ate – in order from Left to Right. Click on each thumbnail to enlarge to supersize your drooling:

  1. Capital Seafood – Irvine, CA: Dimsum, Chinese version of breakfast/brunch: full of shrimp! Haha. The food was decent. Customer service was not great.
  2. Portola Coffee Lab – Irvine, CA: Custard bread and skillfully decorated cup of cappuccino. So pretty I almost did not want to drink it and mess up the foam art! :D
  3. Kaju Restaurant – Garden Grove, CA:¬†Spicy Soft Tofu and Crisy Rice cooked in stone pot, along with spicy kimchi (Korean version of “salad.) Super yum!
  4. Seventh Tea Bar – Irvine, CA: I was on a special diet on this day (ha!) so I tried eating healthy for lunch. I had Taragon Chicken which consisted of diced chicken, Greek yogurt, tarragon vinaigrette, shaved green apple, and scallions. It was surprisingly delicious. I’m not used to eating meat with yogurt but I found this mix a bit unique. And I had a light tea flavored with rose, sunflower petals, strawberry, as well as macarons to satisfy my sweet tooth. Overall, it was a nice little light meal, and customer service was super awesome.



  1. Renee

    I miss your reviews. :(

    1. momo

      You do? Aww sorry, haven’t had much time!

  2. Faye

    I just found your blog and have been happily reading through all your recent posts :)

    The pic of the dumplings at Capital makes me want to drive to Irvine right now. I think I’ve been there before but not sure.

    Blogging is tough b/c it seriously takes work (like sometimes way too much work). Hopefully you’ll be back full force soon!

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