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Feb 05

Homemade Chicken Wings, Fried Silverfish, Bun Rieu Rice Vermicelli Soup

    So you’re just sitting around at home, starving, still undecided on where to eat; then all of a sudden, your aunt texts you a bunch of pictures of yummy food dishes she has just made at her house, and her house isn’t exactly down the street from you. You soo want to jump …

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Jun 29

Homemade Pho, Popular Vietnamese Rice Noodle Soup

    Who says you can’t have fun with food? Or at least have fun with the name. If you feel the urge to curse at someone, rather saying the “F” word, feel free to say What the pho?! 😀 That’s like cursing but not really cursing. LOL! You’ve probably heard many variations of use for …

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Jun 22

Homemade Vegetarian Egg Noodle Soup, With Tau Hu Ky (Fried Bean Curd Skin)

    This is one of my most favorite vegetarian things to eat when I’m staying off meat for various reasons – vegetarian egg noodle soup with tofu, cabbage, and fried ba ro (shallot-like onions mainly used for veggie dishes.) Top it all off with fried bean curd skin. You can’t eat this without it. …

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Jun 19

Homemade Bun Oc, Vietnamese Snail Vermicelli Soup

    MmMm snails… yummm! Most people probably won’t even fathom being anywhere near a snail, let alone eating it. If cooked properly, snail is delicious! 🙂 My aunt made yet another one of her famous noodle soups: bun oc, or snail vermicelli soup. It looks and tastes similar to bun rieu, but the bun …

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Jun 15

Homemade Banh Xeo, Vietnamese Crepe

    Feels like I’ve been taking a short break from eating out at restaurants and opting for homemade food, which is probably the better way to go, anyway. 🙂 After making me delicious bun thang, my aunt then made me another one of my favorite Vietnamese dishes: banh xeo, or as you might like …

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Jun 11

Homemade Bun Thang, Vermicelli Noodle Soup From Northern Vietnam

    I know I eat out a lot and it’s great and all, but homemade food is always still the best. You know exactly how it’s made, what it’s made with, and you don’t have to worry about sanitation issues. And most importantly, it’s made with a whole lotta love, to be enjoyed in …

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Apr 18

Homemade Bun Rieu

  Sometimes homemade food is the best, and when there’s really nothing good around within reasonable driving time. My aunt makes the best bun rieu (pictured) and bun bo hue, even better than the restaurants. Originated from Northern Vietnam, bun rieu is a vermicelli rice noodle soup, cooked with blue crab and pork, tomatoes, fried tofu, …

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