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Jun 14

Summit House, Fullerton, CA


Sorry for being on hiatus, again. 🙁 I won’t make up excuses, but instead, here are some yummy food pictures to make it up to you! 🙂

So, I took my parents out to dinner at a fancy restaurant on the hill to celebrate a belated Mother’s Day, an early Father’s day, and my dad’s birthday. Yup, all rolled into one. We are efficient like that. 😛

The food we had was delicious. Prime rib, Chilean sea bass, interesting looking bread, onion straws, and a free birthday cake! 🙂

I knew ahead of time prime rib for one person would’ve been too much so I had them split in half so I could share with my parents. Didn’t realize it cost us an extra $10 for them to split and put it on 2 plates. I guess you’ll have to pay for the time and effort and a little bit of extra food for a “two-plate” presentation? It was cooked just right and not dripping blood like you would get an a buffet. The Chilean Seabass was also perfect – nice and stringy just like how I like my seabass.

This is the kind of restaurant you’d dress up for as it’s got that higher class atmosphere and ambience; however, there were people dressed up in jeans and shirts. I thought that was a little class-less for a classy restaurant.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the photos!


May 21

Catching Up on Food

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