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Bodhi Tree Cafe, Huntington Beach, CA » wandering tummie



Mar 14

Bodhi Tree Cafe, Huntington Beach, CA

I like the name Bodhi Tree, very fitting for a vegetarian restaurant, which is one reason I decided to dine here (also recommended by a friend.) Generally, food is good.

We got some eggless egg rolls for appetizers (bottom right). They’re not bad, though they could’ve been a bit crispier, especially if you’re going to be wrapping them inside lettuce and mint leaves.

My friend ordered spicy lemongrass “chicken” (top left) which was quite tasty and flavorful. There’s these soy pieces (I’m guessing tau hu ky?) that are soft and chewy that taste just like chicken! And I got “beef” stew with French roll (top right), which was OK, but I wish the French roll was crispier rather than soft since you’ll be dipping it in the stew soup. Yes, as you notice, I like eating crispy food. 🙂

Although a bit cold inside, but the lovely Buddhist decor makes you feel nice and cozy. Bathroom is a bit weird. Doesn’t look like they own it. You’ll have to ask for a key and walk down a hallway to get to it. I would hold it if I were you.

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