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Apr 18

All-New ‘Vampire Diaries’ This Thursday!


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I hate it when my favorite shows take a long hiatus after a good episode, making me wait like a month for the next one, while filling in the gaps with reruns. It’s been too long since the last episode of Vampire Diaries. I mean, sure, I can never get enough of Ian Somerhalder‘s oozing hotness, but on the other hand, I’m over Nina Dobrev‘s character, Elena Gilbert, screwing things up for everyone as a result of her righteous ways and believing that blood-sucking vampires deserve to live, only to end up being used by the very vampire whom she wanted to save. Sucker! Well deserved.

I couldn’t agree more with Claire Holt’s character, Rebekah, one of the Original vampires, when she trapped Elena in an underground cave and said she’s annoyed that everyone bends over backwards just to save Elena’s life. For a second, I was actually rooting for her. I wanted to see Rebekah at least slap Elena in the face.

So in the last episode, we learned that no matter how hard everyone tries to kill the Original vampire family, there is always a reason not to, and that reason, we learned, is their bloodline. That pretty much means if you kill one Original vampire, every person that the Original turned into a vampire will also die. That includes the hot vampire brothers and Caroline Forbes (played by Candice Accola). Gee whiz. How will they find a way around it this time?

This shall make for a fun Thursday night in.

[photo source: vampire diaries facebook]


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