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May 07

‘The Avengers’ Kicked Ass


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Just as expected, The Avengers totally kicked ass. One of the best movies I’ve ever watched. Anyone who says otherwise is just criticizing for the sake of criticizing. Just let Hulk smash them around like he did with Loki. 😀

I love a movie that combines a ton of action and witty humor, mostly thanks to Iron Man/Tony Stark. He brings much needed wit and hilarity to make light of every situation he’s in, no matter how deadly. Sure, he’s self centered and “when is it ever not” about him, but in the end, he proves otherwise, by carrying the nuclear bomb and tossing it into space saving millions of lives.

There’s too much going on in the movie so rather than spoiling it for you, I’ll just list my favorite quotes and funny moments.

Funny quotes (that I can remember):

Thor: He’s my brother.
Natasha: He killed 80 people in 2 days.
Thor: He’s adopted.

Phil (to Captain America): It’s an honor to finally meet you. Well, I’ve seen you before. I watched you when you were sleeping. I mean, I was present when you were unconscious.

Pepper Pots: Hey Phil!
Stark: Phil? I thought his first name was Agent.

Captain America: Stark, we need a plan of attack.
Stark: I have a plan: attack!

Stark: Dr Banner, your work is unparalleled. And I’m a huge fan of the way you lose control and turn into an enormous green rage monster.
Banner: Thanks.

Thor: You people are petty. And tiny!

Stark (to Thor): Does your mother know you’re wearing her drapes?

Favorite moments:

When Hulk busts into a glass building with Thor, with them finally standing next to each other for maybe two seconds, Hulk decides it’ll be funny to punch Thor and send him flying across the room. The scene was just so random that it’s funny.

When Hulk captures Loki, and Loki faces him, giving him this grand speech about how he’s the KING and the rest of them are just beneath him, before he could finish, Hulk picks him up and smacks him down on the ground back and forth numerous times and then leaves. 😀 I love Hulk’s “I don’t give a f— who you are” attitude.

After falling to the ground, Iron Man/Stark lays unconscious, making us think he’s dead. Then Hulk roars loudly and Stark suddenly wakes up. “Wha- what just happened? I hope nobody kissed me!” 😀 Man, ya gotta love Robert Downey Jr.

[photo source: freewallpaper4.me]


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