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Armed Robbery at Asian Garden Mall, Westminster » wandering tummie



Jul 30

Armed Robbery at Asian Garden Mall, Westminster



This isn’t related to food, but this took place earlier today in the same area where I go to eat quite often so it’s good to be in the know. There was an armed robbery, involving two suspects, and get this, one of them in a wheel chair! WTF? They were both armed, trying to stick up Tick Tock jewelry store. But little did they know, the shop owner was in the back armed with his own gun and was not even scared for one moment. He pointed his gun at one of the armed suspects giving him enough time to surrender. But since the suspect didn’t give up, the shop owner shot him in the head. Yeah! Way to go! The shot suspect is now in critical condition in the hospital. The wheelchair dude is probably in jail by now. Scary but happy ending!


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