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Bacchanal Buffet, Caesars Palace, Buffet Pass, Round 1! » wandering tummie



Jan 21

Bacchanal Buffet, Caesars Palace, Buffet Pass, Round 1!



Bacchanal Caesars Palace New Buffet Las Vegas NV, buffet, crab legs, crab, king crab, king crab legs, sushi, seafood, buffet of buffets pass, desserts

The brand new and freshly remodeled Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV was so good the first time I had to come back for round 2, but this time with a mission. My friend and I have been wanting to do the 24-Hour Buffet of Buffets Pass forever, and after being gypped last time due to the holidays (that’s another story for another day), we were determined to get it right this time. We each purchased the pass for $75 a pop, which gives you unlimited entrances within a 24-hour period into participating buffets: Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace, Spice Market Buffet at Planet Hollywood, Le Village Buffet at Paris, Paradise Garden Buffet at Flamingo, Carnival World Buffet at Rio, Village Seafood Buffet at Rio, Flavors at Harrah’s, Emperor’s Buffet at The Quad. Some of these buffets charge you an additional $15 “upcharge” per visit so watch out for that.

Soon as the Buffet Pass wristbands were placed on our hands, we embarked on our 24-hour buffet journey, starting with Bacchanal (forcibly paying the $15 upcharge, but then, they are one of the best, so, whatever…).

Bacchanal Caesars Palace New Buffet Las Vegas NV, buffet, crab legs, crab, king crab, king crab legs, seafood, mussels, shrimp, food, frozen seafood

The frozen. Crab legs, mussels, shrimp. The king crab legs are the best. I love that they have been chopped in half so you won’t have to deal with using a nutcracker to break them apart. You can grab them frozen or you can wait in yet another long line to request steamed ones from the chefs behind the counter. You have to present them with your clean plate. I thought you could just place a bunch of frozen ones on your plate THEN hand the plate over to the chef to boil – I mean, that makes sense, right? NOPE. So, yeah, don’t make that mistake.

And I have to point out that this long line really gets in the way of getting other food. Looking at the line of people waiting for steamed crab automatically makes you think that people are just in line to get food in general. This creates a bit of chaos because you’ll have a hard time steering your way through this crowd just to grab prime rib or fried chicken or whatever behind this sea of people. If I had to make a suggestion to Bacchanal, it would be that they move this entire steamed crab section to another location inside the buffet to open up the food line to everyone else who doesn’t care for steamed crab. But in the mean time, if you’re a crab lover like I am, I highly recommend that you stand in line with two plates – one empty plate for the steamed crab, and the other plate for other food items you’ll be grabbing while you move up in line. Bam. Two birds in one stone. Done and done.

Bacchanal Caesars Palace New Buffet Las Vegas NV, sushi, fruits, chese, side dishes, bread, cold dishes

The fresh. Sushi, veggies, fruits, and cheeses. Their sushi selection is also pretty yum. One thing they fail at is not having little containers for soy sauce so you’ll have to grab a giant bowl for it if you want any dipping.

Bacchanal Caesars Palace New Buffet Las Vegas NV, buffet, salmon, dumplings, asian food, shrimp, beef broccoli, mussel rice

The variety. Salmon, Chinese dumplings, Chinese stir fried items, seafood rice. I didn’t really try this section much because I wanted to save my appetite for other stuff that I rarely get the chance to eat. 🙂

Bacchanal Caesars Palace New Buffet Las Vegas NV, sausages, prime rib, fried chicken, onion rings, sliders, turkey, roast turkey, roast beef

The meat. Sliders, fried chicken, prime rib, sausages, onion rings. Every single item here is delicious. I especially loved the fried chicken. It’s just too bad my tummie was already filled with so much crab legs at this point that I didn’t have too much room left for the fried chicken. Haha.

Bacchanal Caesars Palace New Buffet Las Vegas NV, desserts, cakes, creme brulee, chocolate cake, ice cream, gelato, sorbet, cupcakes, sweets, pastries

Aaand the dessert. Mousse, creme brulee, cakes, pies, real ice cream! I love love love that they have a good selection of different ice cream flavors. They don’t mess around with the fake ice cream stuff like “soft serve ice cream” which is pretty much machine yogurt. This was the first time I’ve had fig ice cream. Spicy and sweet, much like my personality. 😀

We felt like we needed to eat to our hearts’ content since we pretty much went through THREE rounds of lines just to get to the food. We both agreed it’s probably the best buffet food we’ve had on the strip, but looking back, I’m not sure if I want to go through all this waiting and pay the expensive price to eat here again.

Next up: Our Buffet Pass Round 2 at Flavors Buffet, Harrah’s! 🙂


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