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Jun 14

Summit House, Fullerton, CA

  Sorry for being on hiatus, again. 🙁 I won’t make up excuses, but instead, here are some yummy food pictures to make it up to you! 🙂 So, I took my parents out to dinner at a fancy restaurant on the hill to celebrate a belated Mother’s Day, an early Father’s day, and my …

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Mar 01

Pho Lover, Fullerton, CA

    Do you know what is popping up everywhere these days, other than Starbucks on every block? Pho. That’s right, pho. Pronounced “fuh”, not “foh” or “faw” or “po”. I simply do not understand. Pho (Vietnamese rice noodle soup) is usually not my first lunch or dinner choice. Maybe I just grew up eating …

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Mar 01

The Night Owl, Fullerton, CA

    I realized that it’s been a while since I’ve reviewed a desserts/coffee house. As a coffee snob, I’m constantly on the lookout for the best coffee place around, or at least a good one that’s also closest to wherever I happen to be. It’s no easy task but it’s what makes driving around …

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Dec 19

What’s Up, Fullerton, CA

    I love finding good eateries especially those that have been right under my nose. Came to What’s Up with a friend who apparently knew about it before I did. I was pleasantly surprised, as I’m usually in this area quite often and never noticed this new Japanese ramen noodle restaurant. Keyword: new-ish. 😛 …

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Aug 08

Pieology Pizzeria, Fullerton, CA

    Do you ever get frustrated when ordering a pizza and having to choose what various toppings or combinations of toppings you can get for a certain price, and then pay $1 more for each additional topping that was not included in the original one? You like that pepperoni and cheese and pineapple pizza …

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May 02

Moo Dae Po, Fullerton, CA

  The first time I ate at Moo Dae Po was in Korea Town, Los Angeles. Way too far to drive to just for Korean BBQ. So I was glad they opened one up in Orange County. The decor is hip and trendy, with huge TV screens covering up one entire wall. Looks cool and …

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Mar 26

Wingstop, Fullerton, CA

I’ve always supported smaller businesses and food joints, seeking out hole-in-the-wall places because most people say those are the places that make the best food. But I have to honestly say I wasn’t very pleased with the wings I got here at Wingstop. Wild Buffalo Wings is much better. Sorry. I got lemon pepper and …

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Mar 22

Which Wich, Fullerton, CA

Dear Subway and Quiznos: We’ve had a good run. It’s time to move on and say good-bye, for I have found a whole new sandwich that completes me. This place must be new ish, sort of hidden in the corner, in the “University Plaza” across from the Cal State Fullerton campus. I love these casual …

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Mar 16

The Cellar, Fullerton, CA

I like the candle-lit ambience. Very quiet, romantic, and has an upscale feel. Definitely suitable for a special romantic date 🙂 Now, on to the food. New York Steak (top left). Cooked well. Not overly salty or dry. Highly recommend. Swordfish (top right). Delicious, but didn’t care for the bed of rice it laid on. …

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Mar 15

Greenhouse Cafe, Fullerton, CA

I never knew about this place and I’ve lived in the area for years, though now that I think about it, it’s hard to miss this bright green house driving by. Haha. The Greenhouse Cafe is a charming little house that gives you that nice welcoming and homely feeling right when you step inside. Though …

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