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Jan 11

25 Degrees, Huntington Beach, CA

    I have a friend whose diet consists of American food, no exercise, late-night eating, 2-hour sleeps, and American food. Yet, she still looks like she hasn’t gained a single pound in ten years. Yup, we all have *that* friend. 😀 It was her birthday and she picked 25 Degrees (not to confuse with …

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Apr 24

Gyu Kaku, Huntington Beach, CA

  This is one of my all-time favorite all-you-can-eat BBQ restaurants. I actually like Japanese BBQ more than Korean BBQ. Maybe it’s the way it’s marinaded – it feels a lot less “heavy”. I think I go through phases of food. There will be times where all I can eat is sushi, and then onto …

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Mar 19

Kabuki Japanese Restaurant, Huntington Beach, CA

Decent sushi at expensive prices. This is one of those places you’ll “settle” for standard sushi if you run out of ideas of where to go. Granted, they make the rolls look pretty enough for you to enjoy. It’s as good as any large chain Japanese restaurant can make. Yellowtail, salmon, tuna, sashimi boat (left). …

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Mar 18

Sushi On Fire, Huntington Beach, CA

As a sushi lover, after vegging out for 49 days, meat withdrawals were kicking in. After gorging myself at a big dinner of hot pot with friends, sushi was my next cure. And what better place to get my fix of sushi than Sushi On Fire in Huntington Beach? This place gets really crowded on …

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Mar 14

Bodhi Tree Cafe, Huntington Beach, CA

I like the name Bodhi Tree, very fitting for a vegetarian restaurant, which is one reason I decided to dine here (also recommended by a friend.) Generally, food is good. We got some eggless egg rolls for appetizers (bottom right). They’re not bad, though they could’ve been a bit crispier, especially if you’re going to …

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Jul 23

Cheap Eats Around Orange County, CA

    In case you haven’t noticed, I eat out quite a bit. 😉 And it adds up quickly! That is why I’m always on the lookout for cheap eats, whether I seek them out or find them by pure luck. So I’ve been racking my brain (as well as my tummie’s food database) to …

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About Wandering Tummie

I’m a geeky girl and I like to eat, gossip and be silly. 8^_^8 I go wherever my tummie tells me to. It can smell food from miles away. I love almost all kinds of food – hot pot, sushi, Japanese BBQ, Korean BBQ, Vietnamese food, Thai food, burgers, buffalo wings, crab legs, macaroons – gosh …

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