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Oct 05

Papaya Thai Bistro, Irvine, CA

    I don’t know how many times I’ve been to this Diamond/Jamboree block on Jamboree and Alton Parkway. There’s everything here, everything Asian, that is! There’s BCD Tofu House, Newport Chinese Seafood, Tokyo Table Japanese Restaurant, Kula Revolving Sushi, Gubby House, and of course, Papaya Thai Bistro. This was my first time eating at …

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Sep 17

Makino Sushi Seafood Buffet, Irvine, CA

    A huge craving for crab legs has led me to the nearest seafood buffet I could find, Makino Sushi Seafood Buffet in Irvine. A bit pricey – $27 a person. Eek! But I figured with the pending large amount of crab legs I was about to consume, it’ll be worth it. 🙂 And …

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Aug 14

Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot, Irvine, CA

    I don’t know why they chose the name “Little Sheep”. There are a lot of other animals on the menu – perhaps Little Cow, Little Chicken, or even Mary Ate A Little Lamb? 😀 Anyhoo, Little Sheep is merely a non-all-you-can-eat version of The Red Pot and Ichi Ichi Fushion Shabu – a Mongolian …

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Jun 27

Boiling Point, Irvine, CA

    It’s hard to beat The Red Pot, but I thought I’d see what other hot pot‘s are out there. Friends rave about Boiling Point and it got me curious. Then a friend of mine reminded me that I had indeed eaten at Boiling Point with her in Rowland Heights many many years ago. …

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Jun 06

Bistango, Irvine, CA

  My girlfriend and I have been planing our dinner at Bistango for over a month now. She’s been wanting to try this place and, a million texts later, we finally got together to enjoy a fine dining girls night. 🙂 This is a fancy fine dining American restaurant so upon walking in, you’d feel …

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Jun 04

Class 302, Irvine, CA

    Three people mentioned Class 302 to me in one day, raving how their shaved ice is really good. I love desserts and all but shaved ice isn’t really high on my list. BUT I got talked into going and as it turns out, it wasn’t half as bad. I don’t know how they …

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Apr 30

Shik Do Rak, Irvine, CA

  Nobody wants the chicken! I sure don’t. Just wanted to get that out of the way. The meat is good, BUT, I really, really wish Shik Do Rak had a more variety of meats other than just the typical roll-up brisket however delish they are. You get bored eating that after a while since that’s …

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Apr 11

85C Bakery, Irvine, CA

  So after my dinner at Ajisen Ramen, I was curious to see whether there was a long line at 85C Bakery. Every time I come here and see long lines outside the door, people waiting in the cold to get their hands on bread, I’m always thinking to myself, “Why?” I’ve had their bread …

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Apr 11

Ajisen Ramen, Irvine, CA

  People might disagree with me on this, but I think of all the ramen places I’ve eaten, this might be the best so far, even if it’s not considered “authentic ramen” by some. That’s probably because the flavor is just right to me, and they give you generous portions of meat – well, depends …

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Apr 06

Thai Bamboo Bistro, Irvine, CA

Some of my friends just moved into the city and we were craving for Thai food, and didn’t know where the closest Thai restaurant was, so Google said this was the “closest”. Lo and behold, numerous long winding local roads and 40 minutes later… We were thinking, ‘well let’s just hope the food is worth …

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