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Feb 01

Archi’s Thai Bistro, Las Vegas, NV

    One of the reasons I love travelling for work is that I get to eat out at different restaurants, all expenses paid. 😀 What’s even better is when I have family in the city I travel to and they take me to great restaurants that they know for sure I won’t be disappointed. …

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Nov 19

Bacchanal, Caesars Palace New Buffet, Las Vegas, NV

    $17M makeover and 500+ items. I’m so there, even if it’s $40 a person. 😀 Breakfast is $19.99, lunch $24.99, dinner $34.99 weekdays and $39.99 weekends. Sure it’s a little pricey, like most buffets in Vegas, but after stuffing ourselves, we felt it was worth it. I piled up on all the meaty …

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Nov 16

Sushi House Goyemon, Las Vegas, NV

    [easyrotator]erc_51_1353051813[/easyrotator]   Visiting Las Vegas only means two things for a non-gambler, aka. me: shows and buffets/all-you-can-eat’s. And maybe a little shopping here and there. Being a sushi lover, how can I turn down AYCE (all you can eat) sushi for lunch? My sushi loving friends recommended Sushi House Goyemon just ten minutes …

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Nov 14

Heart Attack Grill, Las Vegas, NV

    I’ve always heard about the Heart Attack Grill in Arizona (which is apparently closed now), so I was delightfully surprised when my cousin told me there’s one in Las Vegas while I was town, so he took me there so both of us can see what all this hubbub is all about. Upon …

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Nov 12

Lotus of Siam, Las Vegas, NV

    It’s nice to get away from the tempting buffets once in a while when you’re in Vegas. I’ve heard from friends that Lotus of Siam is one of the best Thai restaurants ever; so I thought, “Why not?” This is where the expression “don’t judge a book by its cover” applies. You’ll probably …

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Apr 11

Mon Ami Gabi, Paris Hotel, Las Vegas, NV

This is as close to France as you get while being in Las Vegas. Haha. The Mon Ami (means “My Friend” in French) Gabi is located inside the Paris Hotel on the Las Vegas strip. The name reminds me of this other restaurant also called Mon Ami in Garden Grove. But this one is a …

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Mar 19

Jean Philippe Patisserie, Las Vegas, NV

This place is a pastries heaven for me, however, it is way too overpriced (as are most restaurants in the Aria Hotel). $5.75 for a small little cinnamon roll? I remember having my first iced mocha drink here for more than $7! The problem is, for certain types of iced drinks, they only offer in …

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Mar 16

Sura BBQ Buffet, Las Vegas, NV

Never thought I’d find a good KBBQ Buffet in Vegas! It’s a bit pricey – I believe it was $36+ a person for LUNCH – but I think it was worth it. First of all, I LOVE it that they had pig ear (right), my favorite! Sweet, spicy, crunchy and delicious! But sadly, the last …

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Dec 29

Las Vegas Good Times and Good Eats

    With desperate need for a getaway trip, I’ve just spent the last few days in Las Vegas kissing my diet good-bye and eating and drinking (coffees) it up like there’s no tomorrow. Fresh all-you-can-eat sushi at Goyemon (large menu, $22/person), yummy dessert at Studio B Buffet ($23/person for weekday dinner, no crab legs …

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Apr 09

Green Valley Resort Buffet, Henderson, NV

  You’d think all the best buffets are on the Vegas trip. While that may be true, I’ve discovered a hidden gem that may not be conveniently located in walking distance from all the major hotels but it’s totally worth the drive. This gem is called The Green Valley Resort in Henderson, Nevada. My cousin found it first …

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