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Jul 09

ichi ichi Fusion Shabu & Tempura, Rowland Heights, CA

    Well, it’s no Red Pot, but I think it comes pretty close. My good friend took me here for lunch for my birthday. I jumped right on it when she mentioned Ichi Ichi. Ichi Ichi is a Japanese style hot pot restaurant where you can cook your own meats and vegetables. If you’re …

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Jun 06

Stone Age Cafe, Rowland Heights, CA

    I had to stare at this while nomming on my vegetarian ramen bowl, which was the blandest thing I’ve ever tasted. But more on that later. This is what happens when I let my friends pick a restaurant for dinner on days that I have to stay off meat. 😀 This day was …

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May 03

Newport Tan Cang Chinese Seafood, Rowland Heights, CA

  We came to Newport Tan Can for dinner to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Eleven of us. This location has been majorly remodelled to look trendy with upscale decor and having small private rooms for a party like ours. Unfortunately, the table inside these rooms only seats 10 people, and they won’t deal with “squeezing” …

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Apr 03

Happy Family Chinese Vegetarian, Rowland Heights, CA

I haven’t had Chinese style vegetarian food yet so I was happy to try this place out. We ordered from the Lunch Special Menu. We wanted something seafood-y so we went for this: I’ll definitely come back and try other items on the lunch special menu.

Sep 17

California Shabu-Shabu, Fountain Valley, CA

    I’ve eaten at California Shabu-Shabu plenty of times before, when I started getting into this hot pot craze. Then after having tried out Mongolian hot pot like Little Sheep, Ichi Ichi and The Red Pot, I sort of strayed away from shabu-shabu due to the lack of soup base flavor. Shabu-shabu is basically cooking …

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Aug 14

Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot, Irvine, CA

    I don’t know why they chose the name “Little Sheep”. There are a lot of other animals on the menu – perhaps Little Cow, Little Chicken, or even Mary Ate A Little Lamb? 😀 Anyhoo, Little Sheep is merely a non-all-you-can-eat version of The Red Pot and Ichi Ichi Fushion Shabu – a Mongolian …

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Jun 27

Boiling Point, Irvine, CA

    It’s hard to beat The Red Pot, but I thought I’d see what other hot pot‘s are out there. Friends rave about Boiling Point and it got me curious. Then a friend of mine reminded me that I had indeed eaten at Boiling Point with her in Rowland Heights many many years ago. …

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May 15

Happy Family Chinese Vegetarian Restaurant, Costa Mesa, CA

I’ve been to Happy Family Chinese Vegetarian Restaurant in Rowland Heights before, but didn’t know they had another location in Costa Mesa, thanks to my dad who found it online. So we took my vegetarian mom here for Mother’s Day dinner. 🙂 You’d think vegetarian food is boring – tofu this, tofu that. But that’s …

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