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Jul 17

Sake 2 Me, Tustin, CA

    The name “Sake 2 Me” was funny enough for me to want to try it out. Also, the 4-star ratings online gave me an extra push. This sushi restaurant has an all-you-can-eat option for $20 a person; but we weren’t in the mood for stuffing ourselves so we just opted for regular dining. …

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Jul 04

Kean Coffee, Tustin, CA

    I went to put my name down at Gen Korean BBQ (God forbid the wait is always at least an hour there) and thought I’d check out Kean Coffee across from them to see what coffee and sweet goodies they have (as well as find a cool place to sit and wait because it …

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Jun 17

Gen Korean BBQ and Yakitori Bar, Tustin, CA

    All-you-can-eat Korean BBQ? Why the heck not? 😀 I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about Gen Korean BBQ from different friends, how they serve fresh and good quality meat for a decent price: $20/person for all-you-can-eat. However, I’ve also been warned about a long wait. They weren’t exaggerating. First of all, …

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Mar 22

The Hunt for Macarons

    I’ve never thought I’d ever embark on a trek in search of macarons. Never really cared for them until recently, when I had to take a bite on a friend’s macaron and it was yummy. I know there are a ton of people in the world who would go crazy for macarons, and …

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Nov 18

Shik Do Rak, Garden Grove, CA

    I’ve eaten at Shik Do Rak All You Can Eat Korean BBQ in Irvine before, and I didn’t remember it being anything special, despite of high praises from various sources. But it’s been awhile so I was hoping maybe they improved. Nope. I’m very disappointed at the fact that most of the meats …

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Sep 24

Loving Hut, Orange, CA

    I’ve been eating so much meat the last couple weeks so I thought a little vegan food might give me a nice healthy refreshing break. I came to Loving Hut with my vegetarian mom for a vegan lunch after our little shopping trip. She had recommended this place to me before; not sure …

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Jul 12

Cafe Valer, West Covina, CA

    While waiting for a movie at AMC inside Puente Hills Mall, I thought I’d get some coffee so I have something to sneak inside the theater and keep my sugar rush alive. 😀 Cafe Valer looked nice and clean and was right around the corner, so, why not? I ordered my go-to comfort …

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Jul 11

Tous Les Jours, Garden Grove, CA

    Tous Les Jours (I don’t even want to pretend I know how to pronounce that) is surprisingly spacious for a bakery that sells only bread and cakes. And they don’t even have a large selection of bread or pastries like Paris Baguette or Porto’s Bakery. I wonder how they can afford rent selling …

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