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Apr 04

Thien An, Bo 7 Mon Restaurant, Westminster, CA

    I’ve eaten at Thien An several times but this is my first time reviewing the restaurant. Thien An restaurant specializes in 7 Courses of Beef, and that pretty much means what the name suggests. It’s a beef-lover’s heaven, that’s what it is. 😀 Beef is served in 7 different ways – beef salad, …

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Mar 27

Snow Monster, Westminster, CA

    Macaroons. Ice cream. Waffles. Shaved ice. Cookie sundae. Coffee. What don’t they have here? 😀 Snow Monster is a cute and cozy little desserts restaurant tucked away in the corner of a shopping plaza. They specialize in flavored shaved ice desserts. Like ice cream, but lighter and fluffier, and you can have so …

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Feb 21

Hu Tieu Thanh Xuan, Westminster, CA

    I was craving for something noodle-y soup-y and it was either egg noodle or glass noodle (hu tieu) for me, my two preferred types of noodle. They’re tastier to me than vermicelli and pho noodles. Hu Tieu Thanh Xuan came to mind because they have both. It was either this place or My …

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Jul 11

Snow Station, Westminster, CA

    Late night post-dinner craving for something sweet and cold has led me to Snow Station. Though I was not particularly “wow’ed” by the shaved ice here, I do have to admit the ice is quite soft and fluffy, even more so than real snow itself. I tried mango and watermelon shaved ice topped …

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Jul 10

Seafood Cove 2, Westminster, CA

    I enjoy going to Chinese/Vietnamese seafood restaurants because they usually have a huge menu with so much variety of food to choose from. For that reason, Seafood Cove was my top choice to have my birthday dinner with my parents. 🙂 They have 2 locations. Seafood Cove 2 is the newer and bigger …

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Jun 30

Kickin’ Crab, Westminster, CA

    Seeing that I ate at The Seafood Shack, which is a similar Cajun/Creole crawfish place, my friend suggested that maybe I should try Kickin’ Crab, too, and compare. So I thought, sure why not. I mean, one or two more crawfish houses and I will have eaten at all of Cajun crawfish restaurants …

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Jun 23

The Seafood Shack, Westminster, CA

    OMG. Oysters. Need I say more? It’s been a really long time since I’ve had oysters as fresh as these at The Seafood Shack. It’s funny. I’ve always been scared of eating anything raw, like these oysters and even sushi. Until one day I just closed my eyes and devoured them like it’s …

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Jun 23

Matsuyama Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar, Westminster, CA

  Sometimes, being too lazy to scroll through a long list of restaurants to find a good one while searching online does have its own luck. I practically chose Matsuyama because it was the first thing that popped up for sushi. 🙂 It’s like opening a book of baby names to find a name for …

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Jun 19

Thien Dang Vegetarian, Westminster, CA

    If you need to take a break from all the meaty and possibly fatty meals you’ve been having and just want to “go light” for lunch or dinner, Thien Dang Vegetarian might just be the right place for that. Their specialty is vegetarian baguette sandwiches which are an excellent alternative for meaty sandwiches. …

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May 29

Quan Hop Restaurant, Westminster, CA

  I’ve passed by Quan Hop so many times eating at other places in the same plaza but never went in until now – only to find out it has the same owner as Quan Hy. D’oh. I had a feeling about the ownership because the menu resembles much of Quan Hy’s – the style, …

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