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Date registered: September 5, 2014

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Mar 01

Pho Lover, Fullerton, CA

    Do you know what is popping up everywhere these days, other than Starbucks on every block? Pho. That’s right, pho. Pronounced “fuh”, not “foh” or “faw” or “po”. I simply do not understand. Pho (Vietnamese rice noodle soup) is usually not my first lunch or dinner choice. Maybe I just grew up eating …

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Mar 01

The Night Owl, Fullerton, CA

    I realized that it’s been a while since I’ve reviewed a desserts/coffee house. As a coffee snob, I’m constantly on the lookout for the best coffee place around, or at least a good one that’s also closest to wherever I happen to be. It’s no easy task but it’s what makes driving around …

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Feb 21

Hu Tieu Thanh Xuan, Westminster, CA

    I was craving for something noodle-y soup-y and it was either egg noodle or glass noodle (hu tieu) for me, my two preferred types of noodle. They’re tastier to me than vermicelli and pho noodles. Hu Tieu Thanh Xuan came to mind because they have both. It was either this place or My …

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Feb 15

Valley View Casino and Hotel, The Buffet, Valley Center, CA – Part 2

    Please read my full review of the Valley View Casino and Hotel, The Buffet from last month because that was my first time eating here. This post is merely my second time back and I’m posting more pictures for you to drool over! 🙂 Because it is such a far drive, I’ve made …

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Feb 09

What I Do When I’m Not Eating

    [click to enlarge] It’s no secret I love to eat. So I always worry about getting fat, all the time. I’m not a teenager anymore when it used to be easier, when I had the ability to eat so much and have all the calories and fats just magically disappear. Now, not so …

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Feb 05

Homemade Chicken Wings, Fried Silverfish, Bun Rieu Rice Vermicelli Soup

    So you’re just sitting around at home, starving, still undecided on where to eat; then all of a sudden, your aunt texts you a bunch of pictures of yummy food dishes she has just made at her house, and her house isn’t exactly down the street from you. You soo want to jump …

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Feb 03

Getting Creative With Instagram: Photo Gallery

    Beside my passion in food, I also like tinkering with photography, taking pictures of pretty things – well, at least just simple things I deem pretty – using both my iPhone 5 in HDR mode and Canon EOS. Sometimes I get inspired when I see a lonely pine cone on the sidewalk, leafless …

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Feb 01

Archi’s Thai Bistro, Las Vegas, NV

    One of the reasons I love travelling for work is that I get to eat out at different restaurants, all expenses paid. 😀 What’s even better is when I have family in the city I travel to and they take me to great restaurants that they know for sure I won’t be disappointed. …

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Feb 01

Thai Harmony Cafe, Diamond Bar, CA

    I really don’t understand why Thai Harmony Cafe gets four star ratings online. This was the second time I got take-out for lunch and twice I was disappointed. This time, not just at the food. I called during lunch for take-out, and was put on hold for what felt like eternity. I only …

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Jan 30

What’s On My Mind…

    Macaroons. I do admit they are pretty and colorful to look at, but I’ve never really quite understood what the big deal about these things was. All the women around me would be raving about how they go crazy for macaroons like they’re …diamonds. I’ve eaten them before and they were just “normal …

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