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Apr 05

Matties Delectable Desserts, Winter Springs, FL

    It’s Friday, and while I’m having headache-inducing coffee withdrawal (trying to wean myself off), I figured I’d make someone else’s day with a little surprise. So I got the most popular and delicious chocolate and vanilla cupcakes from Matties Delectable Desserts and had them call my friend who works nearby and let him …

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Apr 26

My Latest Attempted Art on Draw Something

  Yes, I’m still playing this iPhone game, Draw Something. Keeps me busy and sane. Here are the latest things I drew. Keep in mind, I don’t have an iPad, a stylus, or an artist brain. 😛 So I think these are pretty decent. *pats self on back* And these are done by friends:  

Apr 15

My 626 Night Market Experience

  So the 626 Night Market turned out to be everything I expected, and…worse. They couldn’t have picked a worse location for this event. Pasadena is already small, but the corner they picked is one of the most congested in the city. Couldn’t they have done it in Alhambra or San Gabriel? I expected traffic …

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Apr 12

Follow Me on Twitter and Facebook!

  Hey look! wanderingtummie.com is now on Twitter! If you love to tweet – and I know you do! – take a second to follow me to get all the latest on gossip and food reviews, and I promise I will follow you in return! I’ve made it look ‘purtee’ too so you won’t be …

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Apr 05

More Cute Draw Something Art!

Just another one of those things to get me through the day. My friend whose name I won’t say can draw cute things when he’s not feeling lazy: 😀 And here are mine, when I’m not feeling lazy: 😀 Check out more awesome iPhone art here!

Apr 04

German Chocolate!

  My good friend came back from a business trip to Germany and brought back for me this box of German chocolate! They come in these little multi-layered squares that are semi-sweet, minty, and super delicious.    

Mar 29

Draw Something: My New Addiction

Hey, I’m no artist, but I think these are pretty good for someone who’s only been playing this game for a couple of weeks. Not to mention, this is all “finger art” on a small iPhone screen. 🙂 My friends can draw way better than I can, though. And it’s so much more fun to …

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Mar 28

Draw Something App on the iPhone

So I got suckered into this game with friends, called Draw Something. First it was Words With Friends, then it was Hanging With Friends, now it’s Draw Something (With Friends). Gosh, how did I ever do without my iPhone? Better yet, how did I ever get sucked into these games!? Anyway, while I draw stick …

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Mar 21


When my friend told me she was taking up crocheting, I kinda made fun of her and called her “Grandma.” Then she got back at me by making me this beautiful lavender scarf. That certainly shut me up! LOL! 😀 So talented! Definitely has more patience than I do that’s for sure. Thanks LC! Now, …

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Mar 14

Rene is Awesome!

Thanks for setting up the site for me! My month-long dream finally came true. LOL. You rock! I know how much you like HIMYM, so this Barney Stinson picture is totally fitting. Figuring out how this site works will keep me busy for a while. Haha! So, thanks for that too. Gosh how I miss …

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