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Apr 12

‘The Simpsons’ Real Hometown Revealed!

  After twenty something years of the whole world trying to guess what U.S. state The Simpsons hometown Springfield is in, creator Matt Groening finally revealed the biggest kept secret of all time. It’s none other than…wait for it… Springfield, Oregon! Dun dun dun. According to LA Times, he tells Smithsonian magazine: “Springfield was named …

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Apr 10

I Can’t Wait for ‘The Avengers’

  [youtube width=”550″ height=”350″]eOrNdBpGMv8&[/youtube]   This movie is going to be so awesome. It’s going to feel like getting thrown in the middle of a hot superheroes buffet and everything is equally ass-kicking delicious. 😀 I can’t wait to see my favorite heroes together: Thor, Ironman, and Captain America. I don’t care for Black Widow, …

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Apr 05

More Cute Draw Something Art!

Just another one of those things to get me through the day. My friend whose name I won’t say can draw cute things when he’s not feeling lazy: 😀 And here are mine, when I’m not feeling lazy: 😀 Check out more awesome iPhone art here!

Mar 29

Draw Something: My New Addiction

Hey, I’m no artist, but I think these are pretty good for someone who’s only been playing this game for a couple of weeks. Not to mention, this is all “finger art” on a small iPhone screen. 🙂 My friends can draw way better than I can, though. And it’s so much more fun to …

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Mar 28

Draw Something App on the iPhone

So I got suckered into this game with friends, called Draw Something. First it was Words With Friends, then it was Hanging With Friends, now it’s Draw Something (With Friends). Gosh, how did I ever do without my iPhone? Better yet, how did I ever get sucked into these games!? Anyway, while I draw stick …

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Mar 23

iPad Art Drawn by 8-Year-Old

Regardless of how I feel about the iPad, it does have pretty cool apps to do pretty much anything you want. Apps, games, tools, etc. You name it, Apple has it in the App Store. Like this piece of art right here. It was done by my super adorable and talented little 8-year-old cousin, M.B. …

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Mar 21


When my friend told me she was taking up crocheting, I kinda made fun of her and called her “Grandma.” Then she got back at me by making me this beautiful lavender scarf. That certainly shut me up! LOL! 😀 So talented! Definitely has more patience than I do that’s for sure. Thanks LC! Now, …

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Mar 20

Apple iPad 3: It’s Hot. Literally

What is the big deal with the iPad 3 anyway? It’s just a giant iPhone with this new so-called feature “retina display” that’s supposed to make texts and images super clear. But I don’t know if that warrants a need to rush out and get one the minute it hits the stores. I might be …

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Mar 16

Superman According to Sheldon Cooper

I’m watching Big Bang Theory, one of my most favorite shows of all time, next to The Simpsons, of course. Sheldon is like my Homer. I laugh at almost everything he says. He’s my most favorite geek. 🙂 I’m watching the scene where the guys discuss Superman in front of Penny. It goes something like …

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Mar 16

Blogging From My iPhone!

Wow look at me, I’m blogging from my iPhone (app)! 😎 How awesome is this? Very.

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