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Aug 22

Geisha House, Los Angeles, CA

    Geisha House isn’t a typical restaurant for you to go for sushi because everything is so expensive. We came here on a Monday night when most of the menu is 50% off – from sushi, sashimi, appetizers, and hot entrees. So I felt more at ease ordering a bunch of stuff without burning …

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Jun 30

Kickin’ Crab, Westminster, CA

    Seeing that I ate at The Seafood Shack, which is a similar Cajun/Creole crawfish place, my friend suggested that maybe I should try Kickin’ Crab, too, and compare. So I thought, sure why not. I mean, one or two more crawfish houses and I will have eaten at all of Cajun crawfish restaurants …

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Jun 23

The Seafood Shack, Westminster, CA

    OMG. Oysters. Need I say more? It’s been a really long time since I’ve had oysters as fresh as these at The Seafood Shack. It’s funny. I’ve always been scared of eating anything raw, like these oysters and even sushi. Until one day I just closed my eyes and devoured them like it’s …

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Jun 18

Brodard Chateau, Garden Grove, CA

    My parents love Vietnamese food, and as you know, there aren’t a lot of “fine dining” Vietnamese restaurants out there to go for a special occasion. Well, I suppose there’s S Vietnamese Fine Dining restaurant next to Westminster Mall. But the thing is, Vietnamese food is delicious yet simple; so to make it …

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Jun 06

Bistango, Irvine, CA

  My girlfriend and I have been planing our dinner at Bistango for over a month now. She’s been wanting to try this place and, a million texts later, we finally got together to enjoy a fine dining girls night. 🙂 This is a fancy fine dining American restaurant so upon walking in, you’d feel …

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Mar 20

S Vietnamese Fine Dining, Westminster, CA

$30 Vietnamese food plate?! I am soo there! OK if you didn’t get my sarcasm…well, it was. 😛 Took my mom (and dad) here for Mother’s Day. Upon entering, there was no one at the front desk to greet us. One of the servers saw me but didn’t make an effort to get someone to come …

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Mar 16

The Cellar, Fullerton, CA

I like the candle-lit ambience. Very quiet, romantic, and has an upscale feel. Definitely suitable for a special romantic date 🙂 Now, on to the food. New York Steak (top left). Cooked well. Not overly salty or dry. Highly recommend. Swordfish (top right). Delicious, but didn’t care for the bed of rice it laid on. …

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Mar 15

Gordon Ramsay at The London, West Hollywood, CA

Well, if hell had a kitchen that makes food as good as Gordon Ramsay’s West Hollywood restaurant, then send me there anyday! Just hold the burning fire please. This is definitely not one of those places you’d want to frequent and gorge yourself out, unless you want to drop $50 on a portion as big …

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