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Nov 18

Shik Do Rak, Garden Grove, CA

    I’ve eaten at Shik Do Rak All You Can Eat Korean BBQ in Irvine before, and I didn’t remember it being anything special, despite of high praises from various sources. But it’s been awhile so I was hoping maybe they improved. Nope. I’m very disappointed at the fact that most of the meats …

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Nov 16

Cafe Mixx, Garden Grove, CA

    After stuffing ourselves with grilled meats at Shik Do Rak and in need of desserts to cool off, we stumbled upon Cafe Mixx conveniently located across the street. Their quaint little upstairs spot makes it perfect for a quiet night for coffee, tea, desserts, and conversation. They have dessert and coffee combinations that …

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Aug 07

Com Tam Tran Quy Cap, Garden Grove, CA

    Com Tam Tran Quy Cap is a Vietnamese restaurant specializing in broken rice dishes. “Com” means rice and “tam” means broken rice grains. Com tam dishes are usually served with grilled pork, either chop or shredded, steamed egg, shredded pork skin (“bi”), along with pickled veggies, drizzled with spicy fish sauce. This picture …

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Jul 19

Genki Restaurant and Bakery, Garden Grove, CA

    Genki Restaurant and Bakery is stuffed in a deserted shopping plaza where its neighboring stores and cafes have closed for good and been put up for lease. I’m surprised my friend even found this place. I think the only reason he comes here is for the dirt cheap food. And I must agree. …

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Jul 11

Tous Les Jours, Garden Grove, CA

    Tous Les Jours (I don’t even want to pretend I know how to pronounce that) is surprisingly spacious for a bakery that sells only bread and cakes. And they don’t even have a large selection of bread or pastries like Paris Baguette or Porto’s Bakery. I wonder how they can afford rent selling …

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Jun 21

Mon Ami Cafe, Garden Grove, CA

  My entire family came to Mon Ami for dinner after attending my cousin’s high school graduation. We pretty much tore up the restaurant by taking up the whole half of the place. Good times! Because there were so many people, we were able to try a bunch of different Vietnamese and Vietnamese/French fusion dishes. …

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Jun 19

Thach Che Hien Khanh, Garden Grove, CA

    Che is a very popular Vietnamese dessert. It’s a general term that applies to a large variety of desserts made of combinations of various ingredients: sweet rice, soy beans, mung beans, tapioca balls, jelly, coconut milk, red beans, sticky rice, variety of fruits such as mango, banana, jack fruit, and coconut. Thach Che …

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Jun 18

Brodard Chateau, Garden Grove, CA

    My parents love Vietnamese food, and as you know, there aren’t a lot of “fine dining” Vietnamese restaurants out there to go for a special occasion. Well, I suppose there’s S Vietnamese Fine Dining restaurant next to Westminster Mall. But the thing is, Vietnamese food is delicious yet simple; so to make it …

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Jun 18

My Vi Mi Gia, Garden Grove, CA

    This was a funny day for my cousins and myself, trying to decide what to eat. I found a local noodle place called Mi La Cay and upon driving there we found out it practically vanished off the face of the earth. We were in the right plaza according to the GPS but …

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Jun 11

7 Leaves Cafe, Garden Grove, CA

    I think I’ve found an alternative coffee choice to Starbucks and Coffee Bean. The quality of 7 Leaves coffee might even be better than those two combined for half the price! You can get good quality coffee and tea for less than $3 bucks! Apparently, 7 Leaves is known for Sea Cream Jasmine …

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