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May 21

Catching Up on Food

  I apologize for being such a lazybutt for the last month or so and not blogging all these restaurants I’ve been to. You know how life catches up to you sometimes, and you get caught in the whirlwind of it all. I have been keeping busy with my photography hobby so I’ve kind of …

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Nov 18

Shik Do Rak, Garden Grove, CA

    I’ve eaten at Shik Do Rak All You Can Eat Korean BBQ in Irvine before, and I didn’t remember it being anything special, despite of high praises from various sources. But it’s been awhile so I was hoping maybe they improved. Nope. I’m very disappointed at the fact that most of the meats …

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Jul 19

Genki Restaurant and Bakery, Garden Grove, CA

    Genki Restaurant and Bakery is stuffed in a deserted shopping plaza where its neighboring stores and cafes have closed for good and been put up for lease. I’m surprised my friend even found this place. I think the only reason he comes here is for the dirt cheap food. And I must agree. …

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Jun 17

Gen Korean BBQ and Yakitori Bar, Tustin, CA

    All-you-can-eat Korean BBQ? Why the heck not? 😀 I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about Gen Korean BBQ from different friends, how they serve fresh and good quality meat for a decent price: $20/person for all-you-can-eat. However, I’ve also been warned about a long wait. They weren’t exaggerating. First of all, …

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May 02

Moo Dae Po, Fullerton, CA

  The first time I ate at Moo Dae Po was in Korea Town, Los Angeles. Way too far to drive to just for Korean BBQ. So I was glad they opened one up in Orange County. The decor is hip and trendy, with huge TV screens covering up one entire wall. Looks cool and …

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Apr 30

Shik Do Rak, Irvine, CA

  Nobody wants the chicken! I sure don’t. Just wanted to get that out of the way. The meat is good, BUT, I really, really wish Shik Do Rak had a more variety of meats other than just the typical roll-up brisket however delish they are. You get bored eating that after a while since that’s …

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Apr 26

Mr Lee’s Barbeque House, Artesia, CA

  The only thing Mr Lee’s Barbeque House is known for is cheap all-you-eat Korean BBQ – $10/person. You can’t argue with that. On the flip side, I had no idea that they have this lame policy that says you can’t grill your own meat unless you have 3 people in your party. Whaa? Since …

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Apr 23

The Corner Place Korean BBQ, Cerritos, CA

  First things first, The Corner Place Korean BBQ is not an all-you-can-eat restaurant so expect to spend a little more unless you come in a big group, like I did, which ended up being $22/person. Not bad though. You order from the menu that lists both individual types (starting from $10) and combinations (starting …

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Mar 22

Man Doo Rang Dumpling House, Buena Park, CA

Came here on a Thursday night and there was already a wait, but it was short. We were seated within 10 minutes. I know it’s a dumpling place, and I should’ve gotten dumplings. Haha. But because my friend already got some, I didn’t feel the need to get it anymore. Yes, I’m one of *those* …

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Mar 16

Sura BBQ Buffet, Las Vegas, NV

Never thought I’d find a good KBBQ Buffet in Vegas! It’s a bit pricey – I believe it was $36+ a person for LUNCH – but I think it was worth it. First of all, I LOVE it that they had pig ear (right), my favorite! Sweet, spicy, crunchy and delicious! But sadly, the last …

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