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Mar 06

Pho Dakao, Anaheim, CA

    I came to Pho Da Kao because my parents have mentioned they make good chicken pho. But since I’m not that big on pho, I thought I’d deviate a little and order something a little more meaty and less carbs-y (or is it ‘carb-y’?) Bun thit nuong (bun = vermicelli, thit nuong = …

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Mar 01

Pho Lover, Fullerton, CA

    Do you know what is popping up everywhere these days, other than Starbucks on every block? Pho. That’s right, pho. Pronounced “fuh”, not “foh” or “faw” or “po”. I simply do not understand. Pho (Vietnamese rice noodle soup) is usually not my first lunch or dinner choice. Maybe I just grew up eating …

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Jan 25

Saigon de Pho, Main Place, Santa Ana, CA

    I must say, it’s a huge risk to open up a swanky new pho restaurant inside and in the middle of a shopping mall – not the food court – where there isn’t a lot of traffic, sometimes even on the weekends. If my aunt hadn’t told me about Saigon de Pho, I …

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Jul 18

Pho House, Buena Park, CA

    I don’t think I’ve ever had Vietnamese pho noodle soup at a Korean-owned restaurant before. So I figured I’d give it a try to see if they can make it as good as Vietnamese pho restaurants. And my verdict? Not so much. Pho House is owned and run by Korean folks but their …

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Jun 29

Homemade Pho, Popular Vietnamese Rice Noodle Soup

    Who says you can’t have fun with food? Or at least have fun with the name. If you feel the urge to curse at someone, rather saying the “F” word, feel free to say What the pho?! 😀 That’s like cursing but not really cursing. LOL! You’ve probably heard many variations of use for …

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Jun 21

Mon Ami Cafe, Garden Grove, CA

  My entire family came to Mon Ami for dinner after attending my cousin’s high school graduation. We pretty much tore up the restaurant by taking up the whole half of the place. Good times! Because there were so many people, we were able to try a bunch of different Vietnamese and Vietnamese/French fusion dishes. …

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Apr 16

Pho Pasteur Hien Vuong, Westminster, CA

  More pho! I must’ve eaten more pho this year than the last ten years combined. That’s what happens when you hang out with pho-lovin’ Asian friends. 😀 This is my first time here, and pho isn’t half bad. As usual, I ordered my typical pho tai nam gau – rice noodle soup with cooked …

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Apr 05

Pho Lu, Westminster, CA

I’m usually not a pho person but for some reason I’ve been eating a lot of it lately! Haha! I was craving it the other day and my friend took me here. I was pleasantly surprised that it was actually pretty good. I normally find pho soup very bland from various restaurants, nothing that would …

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Mar 30

Pho 54, Westminster, CA

This Pho 54 location is a little closer than the other one located on Brookhurst. “Free Drinks” is a big motivation for us to come here. A pho bowl is around $5.75 plus a free drink so that’s not bad at all. I got pho tai nam gau – pho noodle soup with rare beef …

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Mar 29

Pho Super Bowl, Diamond Bar, CA

I’ve visited Pho Super Bowl twice in a week, both times ordering com suong nuong with tau hu ky (rice with pork chop and shrimp paste) to go for lunch. Tau Hu Ky  (shrimp paste wrapped in crispy tofu skin, my favorite) was ordered as a side for I believe $2 bucks. The pork chop …

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