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Jan 16

I Love Sushi! Part II

    It’s no secret that I love sushi. I eat so much of it that reviewing each place would pretty much sound redundant. So I’m going to combine three sushi restaurants into this post and call it my “I Love Sushi, Part II” to continue from my previous “I Love Sushi, Part I.” 🙂 …

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Jan 04

Woody’s Wharf, Newport Beach, CA

    Ever wondered how it feels like getting roundhouse-kicked in the butt? Come to Woody’s Wharf owned by Chuck Norris and you’ll know. OK, well, not quite. He used to own Woody’s back when all customers would eat what he was having, because [insert random funny Chuck Norris fact here.] 😀 I bought a …

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Jan 03

Wandering Tummie Stumbles Into Hometown Buffet

    Although I’m a seeker of non-chain lesser known restaurants and tend to enjoy an occasional fine dining experience, I sometimes find myself stumbling into a place like Hometown Buffet. As a “wise man” (aka my friend) said, you gotta keep it real once in a while. Just imagine yourself driving to multiple restaurants: …

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Nov 19

Bacchanal, Caesars Palace New Buffet, Las Vegas, NV

    $17M makeover and 500+ items. I’m so there, even if it’s $40 a person. 😀 Breakfast is $19.99, lunch $24.99, dinner $34.99 weekdays and $39.99 weekends. Sure it’s a little pricey, like most buffets in Vegas, but after stuffing ourselves, we felt it was worth it. I piled up on all the meaty …

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Sep 17

Makino Sushi Seafood Buffet, Irvine, CA

    A huge craving for crab legs has led me to the nearest seafood buffet I could find, Makino Sushi Seafood Buffet in Irvine. A bit pricey – $27 a person. Eek! But I figured with the pending large amount of crab legs I was about to consume, it’ll be worth it. 🙂 And …

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Aug 06

Seafood Kingdom, Anaheim, CA

    We had yet another big family dinner at Seafood Kingdom in Anaheim. Being from a big family, celebrating each occasion like a birthday or a graduation individually gets exhausting and pricey. So what’s the sensible thing to do? Celebrate everything at once! 😀 Seafood Kingdom isn’t exactly on top of my list but …

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Jul 17

Sake 2 Me, Tustin, CA

    The name “Sake 2 Me” was funny enough for me to want to try it out. Also, the 4-star ratings online gave me an extra push. This sushi restaurant has an all-you-can-eat option for $20 a person; but we weren’t in the mood for stuffing ourselves so we just opted for regular dining. …

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Jul 16

The Gumbo Pot, Los Angeles, CA

    Perusing around farmers markets is always fun, being surrounded by fresh and organic produce and eating all kinds of different foods to your heart’s content. There’s so much good food to choose at The Grove Farmers Market but we settled for something a little more southern, The Gumbo Pot, serving “authentic food from …

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Jul 10

Seafood Cove 2, Westminster, CA

    I enjoy going to Chinese/Vietnamese seafood restaurants because they usually have a huge menu with so much variety of food to choose from. For that reason, Seafood Cove was my top choice to have my birthday dinner with my parents. 🙂 They have 2 locations. Seafood Cove 2 is the newer and bigger …

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Jul 09

ichi ichi Fusion Shabu & Tempura, Rowland Heights, CA

    Well, it’s no Red Pot, but I think it comes pretty close. My good friend took me here for lunch for my birthday. I jumped right on it when she mentioned Ichi Ichi. Ichi Ichi is a Japanese style hot pot restaurant where you can cook your own meats and vegetables. If you’re …

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