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May 21

Catching Up on Food

  I apologize for being such a lazybutt for the last month or so and not blogging all these restaurants I’ve been to. You know how life catches up to you sometimes, and you get caught in the whirlwind of it all. I have been keeping busy with my photography hobby so I’ve kind of …

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Mar 22

The Hunt for Macarons

    I’ve never thought I’d ever embark on a trek in search of macarons. Never really cared for them until recently, when I had to take a bite on a friend’s macaron and it was yummy. I know there are a ton of people in the world who would go crazy for macarons, and …

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Nov 16

Cafe Mixx, Garden Grove, CA

    After stuffing ourselves with grilled meats at Shik Do Rak and in need of desserts to cool off, we stumbled upon Cafe Mixx conveniently located across the street. Their quaint little upstairs spot makes it perfect for a quiet night for coffee, tea, desserts, and conversation. They have dessert and coffee combinations that …

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Jul 19

Genki Restaurant and Bakery, Garden Grove, CA

    Genki Restaurant and Bakery is stuffed in a deserted shopping plaza where its neighboring stores and cafes have closed for good and been put up for lease. I’m surprised my friend even found this place. I think the only reason he comes here is for the dirt cheap food. And I must agree. …

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Jun 28

Cafe Haus, Diamond Bar, CA

    I needed to find a new coffee place, something different from the usual Starbucks or It’s A Grind, and Coffee Bean is just too far from where I was. So Cafe Haus was the closest alternative. I suppose it’s “Cafe House” with “House” spelled in a European kinda way? LOL! 😛 But entering …

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Jun 11

7 Leaves Cafe, Garden Grove, CA

    I think I’ve found an alternative coffee choice to Starbucks and Coffee Bean. The quality of 7 Leaves coffee might even be better than those two combined for half the price! You can get good quality coffee and tea for less than $3 bucks! Apparently, 7 Leaves is known for Sea Cream Jasmine …

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Jun 06

Stone Age Cafe, Rowland Heights, CA

    I had to stare at this while nomming on my vegetarian ramen bowl, which was the blandest thing I’ve ever tasted. But more on that later. This is what happens when I let my friends pick a restaurant for dinner on days that I have to stay off meat. 😀 This day was …

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May 02

Coffee D’ate, Buena Park, CA

  So after our huge meaty KBBQ dinner, there was still a little room left for coffee so we came to Coffee D’ate just about a mile down the street. My first impression was, “Hmm this place looks yellow.” I suppose the warm lights make the place feel a little cozy, but not exactly a …

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Apr 23

Tea Station, Artesia, CA

Who can resist a sweet butter toast topped with a layer of butter crust and rimmed with flakes of sugar? Forget calorie-counting. Let’s count how many seconds it takes to devour this thing! Tea Station in Cerritos makes it pretty delicious, but you ought to try it at Guppy House, too. It’s better and it’s …

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Mar 16

Tebo Tebo Lounge, Westminster, CA

No, this place has nothing to do with Tim Tebow. I was curious why this place only gets 2.5 stars so my friend and I came here last night and now I know why. Too many damn high school kids. Place is noisy. Crowded. But luckily we found a table right away so can’t complain …

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